Beyond Ok.

So I thought I would give this blogging thing a shot. Only my sister could convince me that my unemployed life would be interesting to outsiders. So here I go- I’m taking the leap into the mystical world of blogging.

Let me start out by with a brief intro. My name’s Kathryn and I have been happily married since January 31, 2009 to a wonderful man named Adam. Married life has been a blast- a blast in the sense of something amazingly beautiful has happened. There is no greater feeling than getting to wake up beside Adam every day or hearing his footsteps when he comes home from work or going grocery shopping together to cooking together. But a blast- no matter how great- always leaves some form of a wake- pieces to be picked up or burns to be healed. Somehow I was not quite prepared for the full, total shift of going from “me” world to “we” world. But as my sister says, “I feel like it is going to be ok.” Actually, let me amend that- “I feel like it is going to be beyond ok.” My shift into the married lane is going to be beyond ok.


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