this whole mother-in-law thing

Mothers-in-laws are funny people. Especially when you get a MIL who has been, before now, daughterless. It can be awkward. Very awkward. Especially when the topics of birth control come up over a shared gyro. But it can also be amazing. Now I am starting to realize how amazing it really can be to have a new leading lady in your life. It has been strange scooting over the mother and the sister to make room for the MIL on the dashboard of my life. But it is starting to feel a bit more normal.

Today was a strangely great day. Last night, my MIL called at 10:03 p.m. and asked if she could come up today to spend the day with me to celebrate my birthday (which is on Thursday!!). I accepted. I was just so rattled to be called past 9:00 p.m.- this was ILLEGAL in the house where I was raised. I was also a bit curious because we had just spent the past weekend at the in-laws and here it is, Tuesday, and we meet again.

This morning I was a bit curious as I was frantically cleaning the apartment. But it turned out to be a blast. We set out in the car to downtown Waynesboro. We putzed (is that a real word?) around bobbing in and out of art galleries, jewelery boutiques, florists (she is a florist), and antique stores. Then we split gyros at a really cute local place called “Chickpeas.” I’m sorry, I just love that name. I practically want to name a kid that. Anyway, we walked around a bit more, got gas, and then she went on her merry way back home. Needless to say, it was quite a fun afternoon. It also helps that I live in one of the cutest small towns in Virginia where the sun shines in the bright blue sky through the beautifully green trees. It was just a great day to spend with my new MIL. Thanks Linda!


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