IS and ARE

I will be the first to confess that I can be extremely lazy during the day. Having put out 52 applications for jobe (not that I am counting), I still have no job. I have even made follow through phone calls and modfied my resume.

ANYWAY, falls into my lazy day pattern. I am pretty much obsessed with Izzy’s surgery and Derek and Meredith’s love story on Grey’s Anatomy. I am equally entralled by Dr. Montegomery’s relationship with her patient’s husband and Nae’s quest for love. Then there is Brothers and Sisters. I really want Tommy to come home and I like how this new brother has made Rebecca more spunky, but I do feel sorry for Justin. I am happy to see that Samantha Who is back on because I seriously watch that show just to see her hair. Hmm. Is that bad? Dancing with the Stars is also on the weekly schedule and it ticks me off that the old comedian dude who dances with Smirnoff is still there. STOP VOTING FOR HIM. HE CANNOT DANCE AND HE IS NOT FUNNY. We have a beloved blue rocker in our apartment and I sit there, computer in lap, next to the window for several hours every day. Need I continue to paint this computer/tv habit of mine for you? I said all of that to say this: ABC has commercials for themselves in these shows that have poor grammar. That concept is fine with me. You should advertise for yourself, BUT, make sure that you use “is” and “are” correctly. In describing the island on LOST, the smooth voiced female narrarator goes on to say, “There is smoke monsters, polar bears, and…” WRONG. Use IS if you are talking about one thing. “There is a smoke monster, a polar bear, and a hot, con artist.” Or she could just say ARE. But it is ok, dear, I will still love your shows and tune it diligently. But if you can write scripts for the Brothers & Sisters cast without grammatical errors, please do the same for your own flipping commercials.

Before you go judging me for my hissy fit over is and are I would like to include a disclaimer. 1. My grammar is pretty horrible to some people. I don’t claim it is perfect. 2. I believe that if you are national television, you should check the grammar in the script and if it does not compromise the character’s character, please speak correctly! Ok. I think I am done.


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