Amazing Moment

A few days ago, Adam and I had an incredibly amazing moment. We have lots of amazing moments, but this one was particularly blissful. He was telling me that he was going to get his paycheck tomorrow and that unemployment was finally all ironed out (very confusing process!) and we had gone over our budget situation. Having had our first monumental monetary emergency with my car (goodbye $1037.51), we were pretty nervous as we watched a solid chunk of our savings account go into a new charcoal canister. Car talk was not our amazing moment, no fear! Our amazing moment came next. We were hugging when suddenly I looked up at Adam and said, “The light. We’re there. The light at the end of this two-months-of-unemployment-penny-pinching-to-the-extreme tunnel is here. We are arriving.” He just smiled and made a big nod and we were just in bliss. I then asked him, “How’d we get here? We’re fine. We’re just fine. How did this all work?” All Adam said was, “God.” DUUUHHH! So, thank you God. You rock. You really do. You have taken care of us!

 We both know that we are not quite in the clear. We still have 26 more days without health insurance (not that I am counting nervously or anything), but we both knew, at that moment, that we had made it through the our first rough patch together. We know we still have to watch our money very carefully, as I don’t have a job yet, but it will be ok. We are starting to walk into the light a little bit more every day.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Moment

  1. “Amen”….that you leaned on God when you most needed Him. I say “Amen” – So Be It. “In Him all things are held together” so it says in Colossians. Great job guys.

  2. Being in the light at the end of the tunnel is an awfully nice place to be 🙂 Congrats for weathering the first storm, y’all!

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