Keep Us

A few times I have heard my dad talk about his “soundtracks.” His soundtracks are created when he falls in love with a set of songs and listens to them while reading a particular book. Then when he revisits the song he thinks of that specific book, thus a soundtrack is born.

Well, here is the soundtrack of our first two and a half months of marriage:

Little Pieces by Gomez

Float On by Modest Mouse

Come On, Get Higher by Matt Nathanson

Moonsoon by Tokio Hotel

Never Say Never by The Fray

Let Me Love You on a Backroad by Corey Smith (Mother, I advise you skip this one)

Most importantly, here is the newest fav of mine:

Keep Us by Peter Bradley Adams

When the rain set in we had nowhere left to go
So we just stayed in bed while the thunder rolled
There’s a comfort in the rain
One that lovers can only know
Laying hand in hand while the water rose.
Every season will turn till the world is upside down
Rivers flow then go underground
but in the eye of the storm, in the safety of this house
we lay hand in hand as the world turns wrong.
So keep us, keep us, keep us from this storm.
There’s a lesson in the rain that change will always come
let us ride this wave and then greet the sun
and though the ground may shake and we think we’ve had enough
we must raise our flags for the ones we love.
So keep us and keep us, keep us from this storm.
Keep us.

 In a previous blog I wrote about how Adam and I are so happy to almost be through weathing our first major monetary storm together. Well, this song definitely helped get us through it! It really couldn’t feel more true or personal to me.



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