growing up

It seems that my entire blog has been related to change. Change in marital status, change in environment, change in habits/hobbies, change in fun. Not that this is all bad, but it just seems to be a constant running thread.

Well, it kind of hit me last night. Adam and I went on an incredibly awesome date. We went to Chickpeas, an aforementioned favorite of ours, and had lovely (and cheap!) gyros. Then we took a lovely sunset drive over to Staunton to see ‘I Love You, Man’ in The Dixie Theater. Let me just say that this is the cutest little theater ever. You walk up two flights of stairs to enter the top of a 10 row, highly angled theater where you sit in gliding metal seats. It was really fun! Also, I cannot remember the last time that two people could go to the movies for only $12. I love you, small town America! Anyway, the movie was great and it was a rather intimate theater with four other couples in attendance. It really felt like we were on a group date because it was so small and we all laughed/commented at the same parts. Very, very fun.

When we got out of the movie, it was simply beautiful in Staunton. One of those breezy, chilly-yet-still-warm beginning of summer nights where you can’t help but thank God for the stars shining above. Well, I was thanking God for a lot more than the stars. Adam and I walked around downtown Staunton (BEAUTIFUL! You should go!!) in the cool night air and then sat on a wall and watched a party going on in the Stonewall Jackson Hotel. I just felt so thankful to be sitting there with my wonderful Adam and have such a fun view. We felt like we were peeking in on a different world. Men and women pulling up in their Lexus SUVs, diamonds a-sparklin’, men adorned in Lacoste. It was just so great. Here we were sitting, young, married, mostly moneyless, watching in on what is an imaginary world for us right now. It was strangely great. Maybe it’s because we don’t have cable that all images that can be seen through a quadrilateral are entertaining. Nevertheless, it was amazing to watch the people laugh and joke and talk.

We pounced on several conversational topics, ranging from childhood memories to future hopes. I realize that those topics sound fairly first-date style, but there is something nice and comforting about hearing some stories over and over again. Adam and I also talked about how this is the chance for us to move somewhere, visit some place, do whatever! After all, we are young and childless and this is the time. So, after getting back home, Adam applied to Golden Gate University, the home of Mosaic. This is an incredibly new-style seminary where students spend 20 hours a week in class and then 20 hours a week in a church where they are applying what they learn. It really makes so much sense because getting an undergraduate in anything with ministry does not require a “student teaching” or an internship. Adam is so captivated by this program because they teach the methods and then you go and practice it in the church. Very exciting! What is terrifying about this whole possible goal is that the school is in LA. As in California. As in, the other side of the United States. But, we will see. As Mom always says, “It is a matter of prayer.” So as Adam and I consider and pray about it, would you please do the same? A little extra prayer never hurts.

On a completely separate topic, the title “growing up” was inspired by today’s events. I am driving to Richmond to go to a bridal shower of a girl that I went to high school with. Next weekend, I am driving to Gloucester to go to a bridal shower for a girl I went to high school with. It seems insane. Somehow, I didn’t really think of Adam’s and my marriage as a milestone for getting older. But, oddly enough, going to these other showers is already aging me more dramatically then our wedding season. It seems insane to me that people my age are getting married off. When did we get to marrying age? When did that happen? How did that happen? Adam and I had talked about so many childhood memories. It made me think of summer concerts at Fort Monroe and biking along the airport strip. It also made me think about boating in the summer. That really great feeling when you spend all day in the sun and then you come inside and it looks incredibly dark, but you are content. Freckles start to come out and then you have a refreshings summer dinne. It seems like just yesterday that I graduated high school and dressed in white for the REALLY long graduation at CNU. It seems like just yesterday that I was getting settled in my 13 floor high rise at Radford. It seems like just yesterday that I went to my first Bluefield College basketball game and fell in love with the Dome. I remember when I was exstatic just to get into the EDU Department but then became terrified when I got my student teaching placement. Before I knew it, student teaching was done and I was walking across the stage shaking hands in December. Then the wedding was here. The beautiful, detailed, winter wedding that we had planned so much for. It was here and then gone. Now here it is, the beautiful spring has sprung and I am going to showers. Insane. How does time move that fast? What will come next?


One thought on “growing up

  1. Holler at that girl. With two more years experience in this post-college world, it only gets faster! My head is still reeling from the fact that I’ve been out of school for almost 2 years now! Eeps!

    But, as you already know, in some ways grown up life is just as much fun, if not more fun that being an angsty teenager and young adult trying to figure out who you are and what your life will look like. You have a base point, now you just have to jump!

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