This is just a brief little bragging blog about my beautiful, benevolent, yet baffling husband of mine. He is simply wonderful. Not only has he completely flipped his work/living schedule upside down for half of the week to support us in a job that he is not in love with, but he is also finishing school. He splits his free time between schoolwork, Adam-time, friend time, family time, God time, work time, and sleep time. Oh yes, and wife time. I feel exhausted for him!

Although he can drive me crazy like none other, I still find myself madly in love with him. He literally took my breath away the other day. He was just walking across the parking lot smiling at me and before I knew it, the butterflies arrived and my knees weakened. It was pretty darn exciting to have butterflies in my stomach. Afterall, it has been almost three months since the last major flock arrived. It seems like people forget to mention the downside to newly-married life. The “discussions” over money, home decisions, car decisions, job decisions, Master’s degree decisions, etc. Somehow those touchy issues didn’t seem so touchy before we got married, but now that we are indefinitely going to do these things together, it makes reality a little bit more real. But let’s get back to how awesome Adam is. Here is a lovely list of wonderful Adam things/random acts of Adam’s kindess:

1. This happened a few weeks ago. I had mentioned that I needed a new windshield wiper for my car and the next day I looked outside and he was putting a new one on my car. He had gone to the store and gotten me a wiper without prompting. Nicely done, sir.

Adam and Layla

2. Cooking. No no, he does not cook for me and that is totally fine. I am content cooking. He will eat ANYTHING I cook and then compliment me on it. Genuinly compliment me on SOMETHING. I experiment with recipes and such and he is endlessly patient. Thanks honey!

One upon a Radford visit...

3. Adam is a picker-upper. I am not a picker upper. I HATE cleaning. I HATE picking up. I just despise cleaning in general, but Adam is so good about picking things up and putting them away. The poor guy even picks up after me sometimes. I can’t help but love that.

First date!

4. The toilet seat. I have heard so many women complain about lifted toilet seats. Not in the Long house will you ever hear that complaint! Adam ALWAYS puts the toilet seat down and I think that is just so cute and considerate!

Adam and Shelby

5. Adam totally loves the “looking natural” thing and does not give a toot if I don’t do my hair or makeup. Actually, he prefers me make up free. It is very nice not feel manly pressure to improve my looks on a daily basis. Thank you honey, for helping me feel secure 🙂


6. Driving. Most guys insist on driving, but I get car sick. Adam, willingly, lets me drive most of the time. VERY NICE!!

Please not the Spiderman shirt

7. Adam is very spontaneous. He took me on a date in Staunton (as mentioned in previous blog) and it was a spontaneous date! I am a hardcore planner, so it is extremely nice to have a loosy goosy partner to make me loosen up and just have fun!

BC Homecoming 2005 

8. Patient. I would like to name him Saint Adam, the Saint of Patience. The man is amazing! He waits without grumbling for anything and everything. He is patient while I apply for dozens of jobs. He is patient when I cook, pack his lunch, do laundry, etc. He is just patient. Very, very patient.

Always and Forever

9. Phone issues. My phone is just really stupid and is broken and he gladly has released his phone to me until I get a new phone 🙂 Very generous indeed.


10. Love languages. It is highly fortunate that Adam’s and my love languages are highly parallel. We both need to be touched to feel love and we both need to spend time together. Adam, thankfully, is sensitive to both of these things, thus, most importantly, he makes me feel loved. This man is not afraid of love! Praise the Lord!

Jamaica me crazy!

And these are just some of the highlights 🙂 Needless to say, I am very thankful for my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful husband.


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