Love Week: Morgan

Yesterday it was a lot of fun bragging on my wonderful husband. It made him feel good to read it (I think his chest literally puffed up a few inches)  and it made me feel happy to make him feel good. Thus, I have declared this week Love Week in honor of the freaking awesome people that surround me. So here we go, round two. This blog’s topic: my sister.

As you can see, the only blog in my blogroll is my sister’s. This is for numerous reasons.

1. I love her writing.

2. I love feeling like I am a part of her New York life.

3. I find that I am generally laughing or smiling after reading it.

4. I simply love her. She is my only sister.

So here we go with another list of things. These are things that I love and appreciate about Morgan, in no particular order.

1. She is dedicated. Who else would pack up and move to New York City just to pursue a dream. Although she has shifted avenues a tad bit, it is not because she did not try. She auditioned and such, but she decided that it was not for her in the end. Instead, she became dedicated to something else: graduate school. I can proudly announce that my sister is going to NYU in the Fall! Congrats, dear sis.

2. Getting back on the dating horse. Without diving into the nasty details, we can just say that Morgan is now single, and has been for several months. Weathering a break up after a long relationship is beyond difficult. It is earth shattering. However, Morgan has managed to pick herself back up and put herself right back up on the proverbial horse. This lady is going out on the town, ladies and gentlemen! She is wining, dining, and dancing!

Movie Star

3. Morgan is a friendly lady.  In this fast-paced, highly-involved world, it can be difficult to keep up with friends and family, ESPECIALLY if you live in another state. YET, Morgan does an exceptional job keeping up with CDT even though they are scattered in different states. She also started her blog to keep us Virginians informed of her New York experiences. Needless to say, she is a friendly lady.

Morgan and Katie

4. She is just so darn pretty. So many people asked me at the wedding, “How is Morgan single?” because they thought she was so pretty and they loved her funny toast. If men only knew that she was just as pretty inside as she is outside, she would have men lined up out of the door!

Pretty Lady

5. Morgan gets a receptionist’s salary, but she should get a counselor’s salary. She is constantly counseling her friends and family. Sometimes I feel like she is my own personal little coach. She is a peace making person and an encourager. Better than that, she is funny.

Bed Time

6. The voices. Don’t go jumping into the “She is schizophrenic?!” puddle, that is NOT what I mean. Multiple personalities would be more accurate. One of the things that I miss most about her being in New York is hearing her actually talk. I know, I know, we have phones blah blah blah. But it is so much different in person. Not too much is funnier than hearing my sister tell a story and being able to see her facial expression, hear her voices shift with the characters, and watch her hands flail about. She’s a funny duck.

Foxxxy Lady

7. I am sure by this point that this blog is sounding like a really unusual personal advertisement for Morgan, but she really is as great as I say. I am going to go back to the friendly part. We talk online almost every day on gchat (an instant messaging box that comes in our email set up) for chunks of hours at a time. It is quite enjoyable. We talk about random people that she meets in New York, the cat lady, friends, family, whatever is on our minds. These daily conversations have brought us closer and I simply love that. It is nice to say that I actually know my sister and that we are becoming great friends.

Stupid Hair

(Morgan: if you are reading this, please know that something is wrong with my gmail and it won’t open on my computer. That is why I have not been on to chat.I OBVIOUSLY love our chats.)

8. Style. This New Yorker comes home with really fun clothes. This season it has been boots. Boots with heels, flat boots, knee boots. The boots are just so funny. Last season it was sweater tights. We were at Aunt Margaret and Uncle Greg’s and Adam, Mom, and I were getting horses ready to ride when Dad and Morgan pull up to watch and take pictures. Low and behold, my sister is standing in 40 degree weather in a long sweater, a mini jean skirt, sweater tights (complete with cut out designs), and boots (her first pair, I think). It was hilarious. I really wish we would have taken a picture of this city girl out on the horse farm.

The New Yorker

9. Hair. I don’t know if this counts as a reason to love someone or if it just counts as something that I appreciate about her, but her hair is something to be noted. Let’s just say that she has ALWAYS had the same hair. Long, straight, blonde, parted to the side, most likely tucked behind her ear or pinned up funny in a claw clip. NOT ANY MORE, ladies and gentlemen. I couple of months ago she got a daring cut- to her shoulders/chin. I have yet to see it in person, but from pictures, I must say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. She is looking sassssssy!

She went from this:

Long Hair

to this:

Hello Gorgeous


10. Lambsy and her blanket. It cracks me up that my darling 24-year-old-new-york-living sister still sleeps with a stuffed animal (does Lambsy have any beads left, Morgan?) and her blankie. It is oddly adorable. Maybe it is that she just needs a bit of nostalgic home with her in the big city, maybe not. Either way, it is sweet.


How could you not love this lady?


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