Taffy Man

Today is a sad day. Mom had to put our family cat down. He was living on borrowed time: he was eightteen years old. Apparently cats aren’t supposed to live too much longer than 14 to 16 years, but in my head Taffy was going to just keep on living. Taffy kinda freaked out and ran towards my dad’s truck which was unfortunatly moving backwards. Dad didn’t think he’d hit him, but Taffy did get bumped. He had neurological trauma and Mom said he had been limping around all day, She finally took him to the vet and had to have him put down. Rest in peace Taffy Man.

However, it is still what I have dubbed The Week of Love so I am going to tell you how freaking awesome my cat was.

1. Taffy was a crotchety old man. He liked to cuddle up on your boobs, be held the way he wanted to be held, and he drooled everywhere. But you just had to love him. There wasn’t any other option.

2. Taffy was solid black with just a dollop of white under his chin on his throat. He loved to be pet under his chin and he would just raise his head and squint his eyes like he was saying, “Please don’t stop. That just feels soooo good. Right there. Oooh Yeah.” (in a very NON perverted way)

3. Taffy was a cuddler. You had to catch him or coax him to you first, but once you got him, he would just cuddle in start to purr. Taffy had what can only be referred to as a smoker’s purr. It was deep and kind of scratchy like a smoker’s voice.

4. Taffy was a nuzzler. Ginger is too. Somehow, the Geisert pets are/were highly great comforters. If you cried or were upset they will/would nuzzle your knee, your chin, your leg, etc. How is it that a pet nuzzle can make things better?

5. Unlike many scary cats, Taffy was NOT a scratcher. I only remember one scratch and that was when we were riding shotgun on the way to the vet. I totally can’t hold that against him. I feel like scratching when I go to the doctor too. Taffy also did NOT bite. He was simply not a violent kitty.

6. Taffy was super loyal. All he needed to hear was a simple “Taffffffffy Mannnn” and he would run from the barn up to the house. He was a very dependable little kitty.

8. Taffy was a lover. Although Dad dodged walnuts at him a time or two and Taffy has been hissed at by a couple members of our family (you know who you are), he always came back and curled up on the black glider or in the barn. He’s just a cool kind of cat.

In Memorial of Taffy Man Geisert:


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