OK. I know that I have completely abandoned my blog. Sorry!! I would love to report a pile of glorious things that prevented me from blogging, but my life isn’t quite that glamorous. Instead, I will up date you on my pretty normal life

Part I: We spent the last weekend at Adam’s parent’s house. The weather was lovely and we had a pretty good visit. Saturday was spent gardening and doing yard work with my father in law, who I will now refer to as FIL. Adam was studying for his finals this past week and the MIL was at work, so it turned out to be some good FIL/DIL bonding time. It always amazes me how little we all know about each other. Adam and I have been together for a long time and we have made MANY trips to his parents home, but until now, I didn’t really see too much of Vic (my FIL) in his natural setting. He loves to be outdoors and he has a project: a pond. He and Adam built a pond for the back yard, but after completing it, he wanted more. Thus, he went to a pond/stream building place (who knew that these actually existed?!) and picked out a pond that he wants. Now it is his job to destruct everything that they had put together. The conversation was easy and it was fun to hear some stories of when he was little and to hear him talk about his parents (his father is now deceased.) This is all quite timely, as we are going to Onancock (on the Eastern Shore) to visit his mother in a couple of weeks. I am SO excited about going! My memories of the Eastern Shore consist of an elementary school family vacation of camping, biking, and birds and a camping/kayaking weekend trip with Dad. It will be fun to add to the Eastern Shore memory collection and get to know another member of the family.

Pics from Dad’s and my kayaking Eastern Shore trip:



Part II: KMart. Who would have thought that I would end up working at KMart post-college??? Well, I don’t ACTUALLY have the job yet, but they are just waiting on my back ground check. Let me back track a little bit to the interview. It was quite humorous. After the interviewer looked over my application, she decided that I had “skills.” (She really used the word ‘skills.’ It took a LOT not to start laughing. Of COURSE I have skills! I just graduated college with flying colors and hold a teaching license!!) She then inquired if I felt comfortable locking and unlocking a jewelry counter. Of course I assured her that this was within my comfort zone, and she got very excited. Thus, I may be KMart’s new, part time, jewelry girl. What a thrilling life I lead?!

Part III: Adam is OFFICIALLY done with his undergraduate work this week…Thursday to be exact! Then all he has to do is transfer in his work to Bluefield, and he will have his diploma! I’m so proud of him!


Part IV: Jenna Criss is graduating from Crown College with a Master’s Degree in Christian Education today! I am so stinking proud of her! This girl finished her undergrad at Bluefield a semester early even after having back surgery, moved back home to Knoxville, and started an intensive, year round Master’s Degree Program. While in school, she made time to tutor a little girl a few days a week and babysit her little niece, Halle Jane. Then her oldest sister had a second child who has turned out to have quite a few medical issues. Jenna stepped up and started taking care of HJ full time. Go Jenna! Did I mention that she is also juggling helping with her other sister’s wedding (I think it is in June, out of state) and a pretty serious boyfriend? Meanwhile, she also has made time for church and for friends. This girl is amazing and I couldn’t be more proud!! I so wish that I could be there today! CONGRATULATIONSS


Part V: I have been cooking up a storm and it has been SO much fun! Tonight we are having flaky roast beef, complete with onions and potatoes and a side salad. Last week we also had Chicken Parmesan, squash and onions, tacos, meringue cookies, chicken salad (Food Network’s Recipe ROCKS), and then grilled chicken on salad. For a while there, Cooking and I had almost gotten a divorce after a few crummy recipes, but we have mended and have a fulfilling relationship once again.

Part VI: My other tumultuous love: sewing. I had finished my maxi dress and I didn’t love it. So I simply cut it up and tried again (it is a bit shorter now due to the hacking.) My new revision is pretty cute and Adam-approved to wear in public 🙂 Maybe a picture will come soon? Also, I made a cute, twirly skirt. Seriously, who does not love a skirt that twirls?

Part VII: Weddings. Weddings have become quite a hot topic. This summer, Adam and I have been invited to so many weddings. There are even some that are on the same day, which really doesn’t work. Amy and Brad get married this month. Lauren & Mike and Morgan & Caleb are next month. Lauren & Stephen (This is Jenna’s- mentioned in Part IV- sister) and then there is Ashlee & Ethan in September. Plus all of the wedding showers that go with the weddings. Exhausting AND exciting!

This seems quite appropriate 😉

flatulence1Part VIII: Adam and I went to my parent’s house week before last. We also had a lovely visit there and the weather was just beautiful. Here are some shots of “Geisert Park” and a few shots from Easter weekend.







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