It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We have a visitor, actually two visitors, here at 552 Walnut. My BIL Daniel and his cute little doggy, Shelby, came to stay with us last night. Daniel had several job search related things to take care of in CVille, so he asked if he could just keep driving a few more minutes and come and stay with us. It has been lovely.

Shelby (half doxon.half chihuahua mix) is lying in my lap right now as I write this 🙂 She and I went on a long walk last night when the sun was setting. She was so cute running up into people’s yards and sniffing every fence, light pole, and fire hydrant. I also learned that Shelby hates irises. She would stop, lower to the ground, and just stare at them in the moonlight. She was so funny just to watch. I want a dog. End of story.

It is so nice to have visitors and then to cook for them. Cooking for two food-loving guys is such a joy. Last night we had Jumbalaya and homemade reese piecy/m&m cookies. Yum yum! Then this morning we had scrambled eggs, toast, and strawberries. Great fun!

Who will be here for a visit next?


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