Let’s just say that I am one jazzed girl because I finally found SOMETHING that half way resembles a job!! Actually, as I explained it to Mom, it is two great things in one: an insta-friend and a paying job! Scooore!!! What is this great combo, you may ask? Well, friend, Craig’s List can find you some pretty interesting offers and investments. You are now reading a blog by a home organizer/client motivator. Now, some of you who really know me may be chuckling at that because, as of recent, I have really lacked motivation myself and I have never really been known as a tidy lady. BUT BUT BUT, is it not always easier to help someone else with his home? I think so! Starting Monday, I am Lauren’s personal organizer/cleaning/motivator and I am pretty darn jazzed. She is a fun, down-to-earth honest, straight-shooting girl who will pay me a Hamilton an hour to help her clean and take care of her ADORABLE little white fuzzy puppy. Not bad, eh?


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