Life Goes On

Life simply amazes me.

Today, Adam is going to a funeral of a young man who was in his youth group growing up. He was in his second year of college and was coming home (Spotsy) for the weekend when he got in a tragic car accident in Louisa county. He suffered in the hospital for a few hours before he passed away. It felt surreal to hear Adam and his brother, Daniel, talk about their memories of Aaron. He was so young. This was a tough kid, too. His mother has been in and out of prisons his whole life, but his dad always took him to church. Church became Aaron’s second home and he liked to “hang with the big dogs” in the youth group. That was when Adam really got to know him, as he was one of the “big dogs.” Today, please keep Aaron’s family and friends in your prayers as the funeral starts right now, 10:00.

On a bit happier note, today is my third day as an employed lady. I have enjoyed working with Lauren and I absolutely love her little dog Molly. But there is still a ton of work to be done!!

Actually, you are reading a blog of a doubly employed lady! KMart finally called and said that they wanted me. You know you are feeling low when the possibility of KMart doesn’t even want you. But no lows here! Orientation is on Sunday and then I get my first KMart work schedule. Woopee!

If you have been tracking my schedule, as I barely have, then you know that this is the Eastern Shore weekend! Tomorrow, Adam, his dad, and I head off to Onancock for a few days of sunshine, springtime, and MomMom time. I am looking forward to so many things on this trip. Vic hasn’t seen his mother in a while, so I know he will be excited too. Also, Adam’s Pop Pop built the house where Mom Mom still resides. Remind you of The Notebook anyone?? When I told Adam that I was bringing my camera, he volunteered to take me to the fisherman’s wharf where his Pop Pop used to take him. Unfortunately, I only got to meet his Pop Pop once before he died so this should be a very special trip! Needless to say, I am thrilled and return with high spirits and pictures to share 🙂

But before that trip can even happen, so many things must be crossed off my long, long list. Boo. Ugh. Sigh. Oh well. Laundry, here I come!


One thought on “Life Goes On

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Adam’s friend. That’s truly awful. Let Adam know that he’ll be in my thoughts.

    It sounds like y’all have a grand weekend in the works! Have fun! And even though you have a long list, doesn’t it feel good to have a lot to do again???

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