roller coaster living

Obviously I am, once again, crawling slowly in the blog lane.

Part I: Let me start with the trip to the Eastern Shore. We had a blast! Adam was so excited to see his MomMom and spend some time with his Dad. He sat in the back seat so that Vic could sit in the front and tell me where to go, etc. Each time I glanced in the rear view mirror, Adam was back there smiling and bouncing around. I had not seen him that excited since our honeymoon. The boy needed a vacation!

As soon as we pulled up to MomMom’s house, you felt like you had just come home. She greeted us at the door and then Adam gave me the grand tour of the house that his PopPop had built many many years ago. It was fun seeing Vic’s childhood bedroom and Adam’s Aunt Linda’s bedroom. We soon found ourselves in PopPop’s garage sorting through things. Adam’s PopPop died in December 2005 just a few days after my grandmother passed away. Grief is a funny thing. It doesn’t go away, it just kind of goes out and in with the tide. It was fun hearing Vic talk about the projects that his dad used to work on in that garage. He explained to me how all the tools worked and we each took a few things with us.

In the evenings, we played cards. MomMom is a very patient lady and is also a card shark. She taught us how to play Canasta and another card game (too confusing for me!). It was so funny to see someone else’s grandmother because everyone is different and the same. MomMom was such a hybrid of my paternal and maternal grandmothers. She has a very strong, silent strength about her like my Grandma had. Then she has this fiesty, card shark side that is pure Nanny. Like both of my grandmothers, MomMom loves her children and her grandchildren. She got great joy out of having visitors and asked us to come back soon. She even tried to send a goodie bag with us when we left. MomMom is just a great lady.

Being in Onancock made me feel like I knew Adam’s PopPop. He enjoyed wood working and they were/are both very strong Christians. The house and yard are filled with handmade duck decoys, birdhouses, and cross stitchings about God, living in the country, and family. There are also many carvings of birds that he did. Cardinals, eagles, and much more. When Vic asked MomMom if she went to his grave a lot, she said no. She said that she talked to him in the house because that is where she felt him. He built that house for her, they raised a family in there, they retired there. Everything is in that house. That house is 100% MomMom and PopPop. I felt like our visit was stepping into a fairy tale love story. I could only listen to stories and see pictures of the earlier chapters but I am so glad that I got to meet and get to know MomMom before those stories could no longer be told. I am very thankful for our visit.

GTI 005

GTI 017

GTI 015

GTI 023

GTI 026

Cute boy playing with dead crabs at the wharf

Cute boy playing with dead crabs at the wharf

GTI 041

GTI 042

Shopping in "downtown" Onancock

Shopping in "downtown" Onancock

GTI 013

Part II: With every high comes a low. Morgan and I had to put down our family dog, Ginger LeighElizabeth Geisert. She was a sweet sweet dog. No one could have asked for a better dog.

Downloaded Photos from Home Computer 001

Morgan, Mrs. Jones, and I spent about 45 minutes with Ginger in the back of the van waiting for the vet to come out and put her down. Those 45 minutes were wonderful. Ginger was completely calm and even crossed her paws. We laughed and cried as we told Ginger stories. Ginger was just a funny dog. Here are some highlights:

-One time Mom and Dad put her on a diet and she got hungry and bit the neighbor’s dog. Lesson learned. No more diets for Ginger.

Downloaded Photos from Home Computer 126

-When Mom and Dad were out of the country, Morgan and I stayed at Nanny and Pops house. It was warm outside and the crab pots were out in the pond. Being the water- loving dog that Ginger was, she had to go out and roll in and taste everything she could. Somehow she got nasty old raw chicken from the crab pot. She ate a couple of pieces, got really sick, and had to go to vet. It was scary then, but funny after.

Downloaded Photos from Home Computer 045

-Ginger was quite a guard dog…NOT. One time Dad sneaked up to our house at night time to see what Ginger would do. The poor doggy got scared and quietly moved off the front porch and snuck around the side of the house and laid behind a bush. What a guard dog!

Downloaded Photos from Home Computer 071

-Ginger was the ultimate emotional mate. I remember various bouts of tears while sitting on the dock or steps with Ginger by my side. She would just lay her head up on your knee or try to lick your face. Ginger didn’t have any puppies, instead she took care of us.

Downloaded Photos from Home Computer 030

– Ginger was scared of loud noises. Thunder and gun shots would send her running over to Nanny and Pop’s house. Sometimes we would catch her before she got too far. She would just turn her head around and look at you like, “What’s the big deal? I don’t like the sound, so I’m leaving. Betcha can’t catch me.”

Downloaded Photos from Home Computer 058

-Ginger was all about the outdoors. She loved to jump off of the end of the dock after walnuts, swim behind us in our kayaks, and run beside us when we went on bike rides. We use to throw a stick far ahead and then hide behind a wall and wait for her to find us. She was a smart ol’ pup. She was simply the best.

Downloaded Photos from Home Computer 052

Part III: Three highs!

High I: It was fun seeing Morgan over Memorial Day weekend. It really stunk having to put ol’ Ging down, but it was fun seeing the sis. I love love love her short hair! Morgan had some friends come over after the wedding and it was fun. These are friends that she has had since middle school. One is married and the other is engaged. It was so funny seeing Traci (the engaged one) being affectionate with a guy. Somehow I had missed seeing her with him before. The last time that I had spent any time with Traci was when I did her hair for Katie and Nathan’s wedding. When did we all get so old and where did the time go? Katie and Nathan have been married for almost two years. WOAH.


High III: I have saved the best for last. Adam and I have been married for four whole months today. In four short months, we have been through a lot already: unemployment, working night shift, jobs we don’t like, our horrible neighbors, car issues, lack of money, family issues, squabbling over apartment things, and the list goes on. Newlywed life can be quite interesting and frustrating, but I would not change it for the world. Having Adam still with me at the end of the day is the best feeling ever. Thanks honey. Happy four months ❤

Honeymoon 090

Honeymoon 208

Honeymoon 099


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