the one, the only, mrs. jones

My Week of Love was cut short by the sudden death of my cat, Taffy. There are many people that I could send some love to.

For instance, my Grandparents are amazing people. Although my Grandfather has alzheimer’s and no longer makes sense most of the time, he was a a great grandfather. Grandaddy and Grandma were very peaceful grandparents. Our visits to Bridgewater were never action packed, but we always knew that they loved us. I cannot remember a bad word about anyone coming out of Grandma’s mouth and that’s not an exaggeration. Not to say that Grandma was a perfect human, but she was the picturesque grandmother who had soft, soft skin and a clean smell. Grandaddy has always been funny with his stories and his songs. Adam, Mom, Dad, and I recently watching some old home videos and Grandaddy was just singing away. He loved an audience.

My Mom’s parents are great too. Nanny and Pop have worked hard all of their lives to provide for their family. They raised healthy kids and now have quite a slew of grandchildren and a few great grandchildren. They work hard, love hard, and party hard. That’s the Williams way. EVERYONE should get a visit at the Zanoni Hilton at least once in life.

I also have some pretty awesome friends.

-Kelly is trooper. She is the glue to Bluefield College and is the greatest daughter that I know of. She cares about everyone and she always does what is best for others. Kelly is such a selfless person.

-Jenna is a saint. She just graduated with her Master’s in Christian Education. She is the best aunt to her two little nieces whom she babysits full time. She also tutors another little girl a few days a week. The girl can work hard and party hard. NO DOUBT about that!

-JMitch is such a real life friend. We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. We laugh together, cry together, and talk trash together. I love the girl so much. JMitch is the kind of friend that you can call up and then have plans to meet in 20 minutes.

I forgot to mention High IV on my last blog. It was concert that I went to with her on Brown’s Island. SUCH a blast! A true friend is the kind that holds your hand while you push through a bunch of drunken people to get to the front of the concert. Here’s to you JMitch!

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand

Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand.

Life is good today. Life is good today.

-J.Brew is awesome too. Being a mom of two high schoolers is no easy task, but Jennifer handles it with grace and love. She is a wonderful wife, mother, and teacher. She can juggle 500 balls without dropping any of them. I miss that girl!

I actually said all of that to say this, Mrs. Jones freaking rocks my socks off. I recently told her that I was sorry that she always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to us. She came over to help us put Ginger down. M & D were on vacation and she didn’t want us to have to do it alone, so she asked if she could come. First of all, she asked if it was ok. I truly appreciate that. I have realized that I am a highly private person and I appreciate people that respect that. She asked and of course we said yes.

Another short end of the stick was my wedding invitations. She assembled, stamped, sealed, and addressed ALL of my wedding invitations beautifully. Her handwriting is gorgeous 🙂 Not only did she do the invitations, but she was a wonderful wedding mediator. When Mom and I got heated, Mrs. Jones would step in and help us both be heard and help us come to a conclusion that appeased both of us. This even meant traveling to Charlottesville a couple times!! What a trooper!! She was the cream to our Oreo. Those are just her recent heroic roles.

Ever since I have known Mrs. Jones, she has been nothing but loving and supportive. This woman has an amazing gift of listening and soothing. She has no problem helping you probe deeper into issues to help find answers and that is not an easy thing to do. She has always given us permission to be mad or upset or sad or confused or whatever we want or need to be. She is a “take you as you are” kind a friend. Everyone really needs a Mrs. Jones.

Meanwhile, she also has the spiritual gift of giving (big surprise, huh?). Being someone who also has the gift of giving, I truly appreciate this about her. She gives the funniest and best gifts ever. Ranging from a book of fashion citations to a beautiful blue KitchenAid Mixer, Mrs. Jones is so generous. I remember Mrs. Jones and her youngest son, Chas, coming to the skating rink for my Sweet 16. She also bought me my first Enrique Iglesias cd. ha ha. I was SO excited!

She and Mrs. Soberick also threw me the classiest bridal shower that a lady could ask for. Every detail was beautiful and perfect. Mrs. Jones is so creative!

Then there was my birthday this year! She met Adam and me at Shortpump and generously took us out for a very yummy meal, shopping, and then gave me a quite yummy bday cake. I think I may have blogged about the wonderfulness of the Mozart cake? It was so nice that she took the time to meet us and spend time with us. That means the world to me.

She always wants to make sure that you are comfortable and happy. She will even sacrifice her own comfort to make you happy. On their last trip to Charlottesville, I noticed that she had packed a cooler full of goodies for her and Mom and she had brought “Lambie.” (Apparently Geiserts like to freeze people out of the car.)

Tiemann 234

Mrs. Jones is simply wonderful. Thank you, Mrs. Jones for just being you. I love you ❤


One thought on “the one, the only, mrs. jones

  1. you are absolutely adorable, and i value your friendship more than you will EVER know.

    i started my own blog… feel free to make fun of me whenever you’d like!

    i love you KEG.

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