KMart Chronicle #2

As I am sitting here thinking about my KMart experience, a flood of Candid Camera moments comes into my mind.

Remember the aforementioned manager from below? Well, his name is Steve. NOT Steven. It says Steve on his birth certificate. For some reason, management at KMart thinks I respond to Katie and Kat. Kat I respond to sometimes because those letters are actually in my name. But I don’t like it. However, I NEVER respond to Katie. I am NOT a Katie. I am a Kathryn. Respect me enough to use all the letters in my first name.

Anywho, I decided that Steve needs to learn another lesson. I have told him numerous times that I go by Kathryn. The name Kathryn is used on the schedule and my name tag also displays all seven letters. So whenever he calls me Katie, I call him Steven. He has gotten frustrated a few times and said, “My name is Steve.” That is when I reply with, “Ok. Steve. My name is Kathryn.” HOWEVER, he still calls me Katie. Thus, I will still call him Steven. Where is the camera? Seriously.


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