KMart Chronicles Continued…

Two things.

Thing 1: I work in Jewelry. This is meant to cover jewelry, cosmetics, costume jewelry, and accessories such as hats/umbrellas/scarves/belts. BUT, you get scheduled to work in different places. For instance, to this date, I have been scheduled to work in shoes, kidsworld, Lady’s Wear, the KCafe (What an original name…NOT), as a cashier, and in jewelry (that last one’s a big DUH). But if you notice the four titles in front of jewelry, you will see that these are not things that I have been trained for. So when customers ask me questions about particular things, I look like an idiot. This brings me to thing 2.

Thing 2: Today I was flashed by a senior citizen. Yes, you might want to reread that sentence. I WAS flashed. I was scheduled to work in Lady’s Wear and my assignment was to straighten the bras and lingerie. Being the responsible KMart employee, I asked this particularly puzzled looking woman if she needed assistance. She nodded her head, lifted up her shirt, and explained to me the features of her bra. One had no choice but to follow the ladies pointings all over her chest to really understand her. After showing her several options, she said that I didn’t understand and started the whole barely- these charade all over again. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not EVER lift your shirt in a store. Under no situation is this really o.k.

Although KMart does provide me with a decent amount of comedic moments, I am not sure how much longer I can handle it. I am dying. My grammar is suffering. My standard for work dress code is deteriorating and I just flat out don’t like it.


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