In Conclusion

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you didn’t blink. If you did, then you may have missed out on my extremely short KMart career. Alas, KMart is over. Due to inexcusably poor management and ridiculously low wages, I had to exit the scene. Please know that I did not exit because I got flashed repeatedly by an old lady OR because I worked in multiple departments OR because I never got my breaks OR because they wanted me to wear a red vest OR because my name is allegedly “Katie.” It just wasn’t enough dough per hour. Sorry dudes.

BUT, on a happy side, my other boss lady has let me pick up more hours!! So now I will be working about 30/hr a week for Lauren. Woohoo! That means more organizing, dish washing, dog walking, laundry folding, bin cleaning, yard sale preparing, floor washing, carpet scrubbing, etc. But it will be all good 🙂 To replace the KMart Chronicles, I may just start Laughable Lauren moments. We shall see…


One thought on “In Conclusion

  1. proud of you! i know that you are a good thing for lauren… and in turn, i’m sure you’ll find reasons to smile.

    i miss you… lets hang soon?

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