So Many Things

Again, I find myself running behind schedule with my blogs. This week’s blog will be presented list style (as it has become my favorite and is highly efficient).

1. Tonight Adam and I joined the YMCA. Whooohooo. We weighed ourselves in and set goals for weight loss this week. We are each going to lose 4 pounds this week. No doubt about it. It WILL happen because it needs to.

2. I love JMitch’s idea of a picture a day on a post. How about a picture every other day?

3. Lauren is hilarious. Here are a few highlights from the past week working for Lauren:

-After coming home from a doctor’s appointment, she looked at me very seriously and told me that she had been given a diagnosis. She had asked the doctor about a few spots on her stomach and been given the “diagnosis” of stretch marks. She thought that the lines were from her clothes being to tight. I got a good chuckle out of that one. I only shared this story with permission, just so you know.

-Today we drove ALL THE WAY to Short Pump to Trader Joe’s. It was great fun to get out of the Wboro/Cville area for a hot second and to buy some HEALTHY organic food. Yum yum.

-Also, while out today, I got Chick-fil-a. After asking for no tomatoes on my wrap, I was told this was not a problem only to be told moments later at the window that removing the tomatoes was impossible. I asked if we could have a discount because the meal was not given as I had ordered and paid for. The lady cheerfully opened  her cash drawer and gave me back seven dollars and change and apologized for the tomatoes. I was seriously expecting an upgrade on a drink or something. But I will gladly take money instead!

4. We had a great time at Mom and Dad’s last weekend. We rode lots of rides, ate lots of good food, and enjoyed Gloucester! Adam felt very celebrated for finishing ALL of his college classes. I’m proud of you honey! We all are!

5. I will brag on myself for a hot second. Tonight I came home from work and put away dishes, made a hot meal, lit candles everywhere, and THEN woke Adam up. I didn’t ask for help or anything. I think I got some brownie points.

6. Paychecks are wonderful. I don’t really know what else to say other than that we are greatful. We are paying all of our bills and able to save some money too. It is REALLY overwhelming when we start to think of purchases that we would like to make soon, but it’s all good.

7. Adam has an appointment to get a consultation for his tonsils on July 2. Hopefully we can get those babies out by the end of July!!

8. IT ISN’T RAINING ANYMORE! The sun has been out and I AM LOVING IT!!


One thought on “So Many Things

  1. 1) do you remember that i live very close to short pump? and you were at trader joe’s and didn’t call me. i am sad 😦

    2) i would love to meet lauren… she seems really interesting!

    3) you and adam are adorable and i love you both. i love your life… it makes me happy.

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