Ode to South River Restaurant

Oh South River Restaurant, how I love thee. Tonight, Adam took me on a date and it was wonderful. Actually, let me back up that soul train. First, Adam and I officially joined the Y (sooo much hoopla for a “christian place.” more on that later) and played racquetball and then spent time on the elliptical. We came home, showered, and then went to South River. It is my FAVORITE restaurant in Waynesboro for these reasons:

-they serve huge portions so you are actually paying for dinner and lunch the next day

-they have the most beautiful fireplace ever

-they bring out freshly baked foccacia bread with dipping oil

-the wait staff actually knows their stuff

-it is not trashy or trendy. it is authentic.

-The tables are appropriately sized. Ever go to a restaurant where you glasses/bowls/plates must be put together like puzzle pieces in order to fit them all together?? Well that picture is NOT happening at South River. These tables cannot only hold the necessary dishes, but it can even look smooth and streamlined while doing so. Bravo, table, bravo.

Last but not least, the muffin. I have only ever ordered one thing there: the Cobb salad with crispy chicken, no tomatoes, no cucumbers, with ranch on the side. Upon arrival, I start to drool. Seriously! Not only do they use fresh ingredients, they they also use the expensive stuff. They are not sparing in their chicken quantities or cheese or bacon. It is quite nice. Muffin, you wonder? Why yes, a muffin. This is the most magnificent of all muffins. I don’t know where they come from, I don’t need to know. I just need to know that a random muffin (flavors are always different) comes with the cobb salad.

Needless to say, if you are ever in the fine town of Waynesboro, make sure to hop off at exit 94 and go to South River. Make sure to get the world’s best muffin 🙂 http://www.southrivergrill.com/index.htm


One thought on “Ode to South River Restaurant

  1. i can see it all now… thanks for painting me a picture of you’re lovely date 🙂

    you’re as cute as a muffin!

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