what a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Just a quick thought: I love living in a neighborhood. I love living in “The Trees.” We even have our own newsletter!

Today I walked to the Y for Zumba and then to the library for some new reads. I then walked the two blocks back home, hoped in my car, drove to the bank and returned to the house in no longer then 12 minutes.

I like hearing my neighbors talk trash on their balcony. I love watching the little girl play in the alley behind the house. I love watching the lady rock in her rocking chair across the street. I love looking out of our tree house back porch over the roofs of houses. I love how our neighbors have an outdoor cat that is super friendly and plays with things in the tree. She will greet you at the car door and “meow” a hello. I love watching elderly couples go for a stroll in the evening coolness. By this time, I have also memorized who walks what dog. Maybe Adam and I will be walking a dog of our own before too long!

Most importantly, I love learning the new sounds. The church bells ring on the hour every day from 9 am to 7 pm. There are several different tunes: Amazing Grace, Old Rugged Cross, excerpts from Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, and For the Beauty of the Earth. I love the bird chirping, the wind in the trees, the family next door being a family, and the sound of raindrops on our tin roof. Who wouldn’t love that?


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