yard sale

You are reading the blog of a professionally awesome yard saler. That could have been a bit exaggerated on my part. It was not my yard to sell. It was Lauren’s. On Saturday, we had a whole lot of people show up and buy a whole lot of goods.

There were lots of interesting yard sale moments. We had a couple of people that we could not understand when they spoke. We got in trouble for “letting” cars park behind someone’s garage. We watching two rich people pull up in a new convertible, buy a ton of stuff, and then haul it away in a beat up old van. We (the wife) and I also happened to the peg the man in the goods with the arms of an elliptical. Oh, it was a blast.

Overall, Lauren, Will, and I were pleased. The big things were purchased and almost all of the clothes were gone! Woohoo! Lauren snagged over $500 and I pulled in a whopping $50! Somehow I managed to sell almost everything that I had brought, including all of my baked goods 🙂

We are all still a little zonked from such an action packed week last week. Today:

Me: “Lauren, this is expired. It says 07/06.”

Lauren: “Let me see. No it’s not. It says 07/08.”

Me: “That’s still expired.”

Lauren: “Oh yeah. Oh well. It’s still good.”

Point and case. We are still tired.

Part Two of this blog: Adam is aware of my tiredness and lack of willing to cookedness. He took me out to Cracker Barrel this morning for breakfast. We were the youngest by a few decades, but who cares? It was lovely. Quite lovely.


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