let’s see here

1. Today Adam informed me that next week is July. Woah. Where did June go?

2. My beautiful friend, Lauren, is getting married to her super great fiance, Micheal. I love it when people get to marry their high school sweethearts. I am also doing the hair and makeup for the wedding. I’m pretty excited!

3. Marie and Adam’s engagement photos are on Sunday morning. I spent about an hour this afternoon researching poses and stuff. We are taking the pictures in Gloucester Courthouse, the most beautiful court house of all!

4. I went to the Y today. I am trying not to expect too much of myself because I have been out of the whole working out loop for a while now. But today I did walk to the gym, walk on the treadmill, bike, then walk back home. It was quite lovely. Thank you, Beyonce, for serenading this experience. Same time, same place tomorrow?

5. Tomorrow Lauren (not the wedding Lauren) and I are taking clothes to Plato’s Closet in Cville. I always love going new places!!

6. I splurged. Like woah. Well, not as woah as it could have been. I ordered a pair of jeans and two tank tops from gap…but it was only $30.96 including shipping!! What was a girl to do?

7. I have already started my Christmas shopping. That makes my heart very happy.

8. Jenna is getting married in September. As in, this September. Today we talked for a while about life and wedding stuff and I am getting SO excited for her. I think I might just start planning a little Bachelorette Party…

9. So… I love coupons. I love price watching and bargain hunting. I found my grocery shopping trip quite impressive today: (don’t judge) 2 boxes of cereal, chips, 3 boxes of cheese nips, 6 pack of chicken breasts, 2 huge sirloin steaks, 2 packages of cheese, 2 gallons of milk, eggs, flour tortillas, 6 yogurts, and 3 pears = $50.23. I’m sorry dudes, but if you are not impressed by that NON WAL MART grocery shopping feat, then you need to appreciate the small joys in life a little more!

10. Most importantly, I love being married. I love being in the house at the same time. There is a certain safety and comfort that accompanies Adam’s snores as they come through the wall to the family room. I love that when we are both tired, we can just be with each other and everything is suddenly better.


One thought on “let’s see here

  1. in case i dont tell you enough, i love your life.
    and obviously im not sticking to my “im not getting on the computer while at the beach thing…” because its obvi not working!

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