quick update

A wonderful weekend was had by all. Here’s a quick update, more to come later:

-Lunch with Ash was great on Friday. I now love Chipotle and I always love catching up with old friends.

-We had a nice, relaxing evening in Gloucester on Friday night. Mom and I went over to Nanny and Pop’s and chewed the flab for an hour and a half out on the deck. The weather was lovely.

-Saturday was a blast. Congratulations goes out to Lauren & Mike on getting married! The hair and make up went really well! I was so happy to be part of the big day! Here are a few photo highlights:

finally man and wife.

finally man and wife.

cute again


lauging l and m


-On Sunday morning (like bright and early at 8:00!), I did Adam and Marie’s engagement pics and I thought that those turned out pretty well for an amateur!






– After the photo shoot, I went back to Mom and Dad’s and crashed on the sofa, woke up, packed, scrambled across the river to meet them for a yummy Outback meal, then spend several hours in traffic to get back to my sleeping husband. It was a lovely weekend. But I am not quite sure if I am ready for a rinse and repeat yet.


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