flip flopping

I’ve decided that I am pretty tired of flip flopping.

At one moment, I feel completely content and satisfied. Adam and I have settled into married life and have gotten our lives somewhat organized. We no longer have to stress over ever cent and it is a wonderful feeling. We get in sync and before we know it, another week has gone by.

But that moment invariably passes and I am left feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. I want to live somewhere where we actually feel drawn to a church. Somewhere that holds jobs for both of us that are consistent and are in our career categories. Somewhere where there are more young people that are between college and kidland.

However, I do know that a change in geographical location will not mend all of my frustrations. It is a state of mind and a state of being shift as well.

Also, Adam is broken and we are working on getting him fixed. I realize that this sounds like dog that needs spaying or a computer that needs fixing, but we try to keep the terminology light around here as to not get too overwhelmed about it. After an appointment with the surgeon last week, we found out that Adam needs to have his tonsils removed, have the arch of his mouth trimmed and lifted, and have the back of his tongue shocked with a needle to make it move forward and out of the back of his throat. That’s all. No biggie. The doctor then told us that this is the most painful surgery she does. Adam will need to take two weeks off of work, minimum, and chances are very high that we will be back in the hospital only a few days after the surgery. She said it will feel like canker sores are all over his throat, but ten times worse. Fun times. Isn’t this what you guys save up your money for too?? BUT, all of this mouth rearranging should help Adam sleep better and not choke as much (he has severe sleep apnea). This could, in return, help him feel more rested, motivated, energetic, and confident. He’ll take the two weeks of hell for all that. He’ll take it with a smile!

Shifting to geographical locations again. I might throw out that we are considering Charlotte, NC. The city is young and Adam has family there. I spent a little over three hours last night wading through the teaching application. I qualify for seven of the openings, but I know that the school system has received a million job applications. I NEED a job teaching. I miss kids. I miss lesson plans. I miss grading papers, creating fun projects, wayside teaching, camaraderie, but mostly the kids.

OK. Enough morning moping for me. Here is a brief update on the social happenings of July 4th weekend:

-Adam and I left on Thursday night and it was bad. Very bad. The traffic was great and Adam was great, but I got a horrible migraine when we were about an hour from my parents house. Dear lady in the white house in the middle-of-nowhere-West-Point, I am sorry I had to puke in your ditch. Not too many choices in the middle of nowhere.

-Friday I woke up feeling quite a bit better and met Keilah and Marie for

picture not take by me.

picture not taken by me.

 breakfast. Gosh I love those girls. Marie (I did her engagement pictures) had lots of wedding questions and info to fill us in on. And Keilah was just her sweet soft self. I love catch up breakfasts where three people can eat unhealthy quantities of food and coffee for under $6. Thank you, Olivia’s in the Village. You rock.

-The rest of Friday was spent doing the Zanoni thing. Adam and I parked ourselves on the dock for a lovely day. Lower eighties, partly cloudy, constant breeze.  It felt more like Jamaica weather than Gloucester weather. I’ll take it! We also got out the fishing poles. Lots of nibbles, but not too many fish wanting to coming out of the water.

-Mom sauteed scallops and shrimp to put over Asian noodles. Yum yum. There was also corn on the cob. Adam’s fav! He was a happy man! Hmm. Why does food/restaurant talk make up 50% of my blog? That might be unhealthy…

-Saturday was the fourth and we celebrated. After lots of boat time (thanks to Adam, I have “I’m on a boat” as the mental soundtrack to the day), we rested, relaxed, showered, and headed over the Nanny’s for the traditional fourth of July bash. Lots of family. Lots of food. However, NOT lots of alcohol. Ya’ll, this is a BIG step for my family. There were only a handful of people drinking and no one got too crazy. I will raise my Diet Coke to toast to that!

-Sunday, we woke up at 6:30 and were on the road an hour later. It took about three hours to get back. We completely missed the CRAZY fourth of july traffic. Thank you, Jesus.

-Now it’s Monday morning. I’m sitting here in my favorite blue chair tabulating my to-do list. It doesn’t look like Lauren’s feelings so hot, so I might not have to work today. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have work to do. Oh well, that’s just the way life is.

Oh. I also made this collage for Adam and Marie. I just love Picasa. Thanks, Dad.



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