I Love Mondays

After blog stalking many fellow bloggers, I have found that most bloggers have labeled one day a week with a particular title. I am STRAIGHT UP stealing this from several other people: I love Mondays. These days are exist only to share those things that we LOVE LOVE LOVE.

So here we go. I LOVE these earrings. They make my heart so happy and would look so cute standing in front of my unruly hair:

I love the Sound of Music. Infact, I spent the better part of my evening yesterday watching it. I simply love it. The dancing. The costumes. The music. The love story. The drama. The happy ending. The most beautiful wedding to ever be in existence.

I love living so close to Staunton and its beautiful old buildings.

I love that Adam and I are soon to be car payment free because he has decided that he is willing to drive something along this line:

I love that we have the freedom and the resources to start thinking about moving.

I love that Adam and I could sit in our tree house back porch and enjoy dinner while watching the sun light dance through the trees. I actually don’t know what will ever beat that.

June 27, 2009 001


June 27, 2009 003


I also love how huge and happy our kitchen is:

June 27, 2009 005


June 27, 2009 008


One thought on “I Love Mondays

  1. 1) those earrings are oober cute!
    2) i’ve never ever EVER seen the sound of music. do not judge me because of this.
    3) can we go exploring in staunton one day? please?
    4) i could totally see adam in that car. he still needs to teach me how to drive stick… he promised me over 5 years ago…
    5) i’m not ready to handle all of the emotional stuff that will come when you guys move… for me or you either, but if it’s going to make you happy, i totally support it and i hope that you know your guest room will be filled with my presence frequently… i mean it.
    6) i love your porch.
    7) jealous.
    9) the kitchen at the bay house is yellow also… we have to go sometime!
    10) i love you mrs. long!

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