I Love Mondays

This Monday, I am very much in love with very many things.

1. I am in love with evening strolls in “the trees” with my husband. This evening we walked about a mile and a half, chatted with a few neighbors, and looked at the gorgeous homes in the district. We fantasized about “flipping” a few of the old homes that we saw and talked a lot about what we will do to our future home. As we walked around, we could see other couples strolling, families inside their homes eating dinner, and lots of people working on their gardens. The aromas of fresh cut grass, honey suckle, and magnolia filled the air. It was quite lovely. I must say that at the end of the day, there is no one I’d rather walk beside than Adam. He is just that great. I am such a blessed lady to be in love with my husband.

-I LOVE that we have Adam’s surgery scheduled! Although we may be pushing it back a week, it is still on the books! Yippeee! Those tonsils need outta there!

-I LOVE Jmitch’s blog today. Make sure to check it out.

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE (this love may be a bit sarcastic) that I am the LAST to get family news. Apparently one of my cousins is going off to Boston tomorrow and they had a goodbye party for him yesterday. Matthew & Jill, I wish you well! Happy job hunting! Also, my sister is coming home from the city (a non-sarcastic yipppeee!) and we get to meet her new boyfriend. (Morgan, I hate finding out new news from Mom. Can’t you just fill a sister in?!)Unfortunately, Morgan is flying in the day that Adam goes into surgery 😦 Hopefully we can get this ironed out so that we have maximum family time and then be ready for surgery time!)

-I LOVE the way that Jenna’s Bachelorette Party invites turned out. I will have to post some pics of them!

-Speaking of Bachelorettes, I LOVE that Wes is no longer on the show!! Jill finally put on her thinking cap and kicked his butt out of the house. I can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode tomorrow morning before work!!

-I LOVE that we are going on vacay with my inlaws! They have a time share with two apartments! One is just for us! We are going to Myrtle Beach in September. Several things: a. I LOVE THE BEACH (just not the sand, the water, or what’s under the water), b. Our room has a walk in shower and a big whirlpool tub, c. The complex has an awesome pool with a lazy river, d. Adam informed me that it is non-stop seafood, e. By this time, Adam’s surgery will have happened and he will be able to breathe, f. It will be lovely to get away and get to know the inlaws in a different setting. All I have to say is that Adam’s parents are mighty generous folks.

Here are some more things I am in love with, this Monday:

Dreaming long to stay


Adam and I have been watching a lot of The Office recently. We love it. Simply love it. We’ve both seen all the episodes several times because we like watching Jim and Pam fall in love over the seasons.

pam and jim


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