So, I really miss kids. Adam and I don’t exactly want any right now, but I miss the whole kid thing in general. I love teaching children. It is so much fun getting to know all the little personalities in the classroom and watching them grow and learn. I am starving for a teaching job. STARVING.

Anyway, what made me think of my love of kids was something I saw today. While I took Mollie for a long walk, I glanced down at the sidewalk beacuse I caught something bright on the sidewalk out of the corner of my eye. When Mollie and I walked up on the sidewalk chalk, I started laughing. A little child had created a “town” for the ants. At the top, there was a label that said, “for ants:” and then the drawing of the town was underneath. There was a supermarket, grocery store, a gas station, and several homes all in different color chalk. It was just too cute. It was pretty obvious that it had rained since the “town” had been built. I wish that I could have seen it sooner. It was just too cute. I miss kids.


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