i DO love mondays!

Just joking, guys. I DO, infact, love Mondays because I was able to find my cord 🙂 Yay for super smart husbands who know where every single thing is all the time!

Just so you know, I have a LOT to love today!

1. This morning, we had yummy, yummy blueberry pancakes.

blueberry pancakes


2. Today was not a workday for me, so I lounged on our LOVELY and MASSIVE new sectional and caught up on my facebook/blog/email stalking and chatted with sister Morgan and JMitch for a decent part of the day. Sectional, you ask? Well, since you have SO patiently waited to hear about the sectional, here comes the story. So, Adam and I were just looking for a sofa or sectional when we were in Fredericksburg last weekend. We were not planning on purchasing, just pricing out our options and feeling out what the other person wanted. We did the Goldilocks thing and sat on dozens of sofas, but none of them felt right. On our way out of our third store, I asked Adam if we could just sit in the pretty green one. WELL, wouldn’t you know that we both reclined right into sectional heaven. After discussing the pricing/delivery with the CRAZY sales person, we decided that this sectional belonged in our home. So, she was delivered a few days later and I got to come home from work to this beauty:





The only thing that we do not love about sectional is that it is SO massive that everything else looks small 😦 Before, our apartment was appropriately decorated and balanced because we had small furniture! NOT ANYMORE!!! We do have a few things to hang up and we have an ottoman on the way. I will make sure to take pictures after our apartment looks better! Isn’t she a beauty?!

3. I LOVE my new earring stand. I will have to post some pics of it soon. It’s a project that I started like 300 years ago, but just finished today. It was totally worth the wait 🙂

4. Speaking of earrings, these are my earring love of the week:

red earrings

5. I LOVE Bluefield. (Let me remind you that these loves are in no particular order!) I spent this past weekend with some of my favorites and it was quite fabulous. Time spent laughing with friends is time spent well. Hazel and Kelly are two of the best people that I have ever met. I also got to see a house completely “post flipped” and it was GORGEOUS!! I have never been so proud of Mark! And of course, Bluefield was just fabulous. The beautiful, looming mountains, the cool night air, the dew on the grass, the horrible traffic patterns, the backwards Dairy Queen drive through, driving to Princeton to go out to eat, Berkshire’s, seeing 20 people you know when you drive to walmart that is 2 blocks away, going to Wade, and everything else. Of course, when I go to Bluefield, it makes me reminisce a great deal. Adam and I dated through my entire time at Bluefield, so the campus holds many sweet moments that we shared. I also had fantastic roommates and super awesome friends. That aspect of the visit was bittersweet. A part of me wishes that the clock could be rewound and I could still be found sitting in the quad with a book or running to convo with Jennifer because we were always late or playing hall ball in Rish or doing the Amazing G-Race with JMitch or one of the other many things that makes up one’s college life. I miss it. But then I think of how different things are now- how in some ways, life is so much better. I can confidently say that my life is better because I did go to Bluefield College. That little town will always have a big place in my heart.



6. I LOVE this table. It’s just too cute and really reminds me of my dad because it was one of the two games that he would voluntarily play (after an offer to play chess.)

scrabble table

7. I LOVE that I get to babysit this weekend for the CUTEST baby in the whole wide world, Hannah. She’s only 2 months and she already sleeps through the whole night. AMMMMAZING!

8. I love my life. Adam and I are tossing around quite a few ideas for what we want to do (as in moving/jobs) in the near future (as soon as January). Maybe some classes in January? Or possibly a move elsewhere? Any ideas?


One thought on “i DO love mondays!

  1. love the sectional! can’t wait to sleep on it!
    LOVE those earrings! really… im in love.
    and those metal stars… i love love LOVE them too.
    and the amazing GRace… what in the world were we thinking? haha!
    i love mondays, especially when you share them with me in your blog! 🙂

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