this just in: excitement completely zapped

Who am I kidding? Christmas joy (for me) is starting to creep into my life early because I nnneeeeeeed it. I cannot find a job to save my flippin’ life.

I have been turned down by so many schools that it is not funny. Tears prick my eyes when I just think about it. I am a 22 year old, college-educated caucasion female. Why is this so hard?!?

Tonight I filled out job applications to teach in Henrico, Chesterfield, City of Richmond, and Louisa (ugh. I HATE Louisa but would readily accept a job there). I also filled out apps for other non-teaching jobs with which I would TOTALLY be content at this point. To this date, I have applied to dozens of private schools, and public teaching positions in the following places: (the aforementioned, City of Waynesboro, Augusta County, Albemarle County, Nelson County, Greene County, Powhatan, Goochland, and Hanover Counties. Will someone PLEASE just give me an interview? I promise I am much more dazzling in person than on paper. Just give me a shot. Pleasssse. I am dying over here.

On the plus side to my non-careered life, I have had lots of time to be creative. I have been able to finish several projects that I had started a while ago, and am having fun cooking and grocery shopping with no time limit. While my career juices are being sucked dry, my creative juices are flowing strong. How’s that for a silver lining?


2 thoughts on “this just in: excitement completely zapped

  1. Yes, that’s a great silver lining……
    AND the school systems don’t know what they’re missing by leaving you off their staff:)

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