Picture Update

Once again, let me apologize for week-long absence. Here is a catch up/love Monday catch up:

1. Friday was our 6 month anniversary. Call it lame or corny or whatever, we don’t care. We are all about celebrating the little accomplishments. Hopefully the next six months will be better. The first six months contained too much bad (losing job followed by unemployment and painful job hunting/me still not having a job, me moving into his place and “rearranging his life,” Adam selling his car, etc.). There were also some awesome things (not having to pack our bags and leave each other, getting to spend A LOT of time together, lots of fun new things to use and find homes for, learning my way around a new place, lots of new people).

Anyway, we went to one of my favorite Wboro restaurants, South River Grille. As always, it was YUMMY. Here are some post-massive meal pics:


2. Here is a lovely sunrise that I caught a few days ago. I love sunrises. I just happened to be awake to catch this lovely one from our porch:



3. Also, I love that our apartment is looking more and more like we actually live here. Walls are starting to be decorated!! But decorating is like walking a marital tight rope…not so much fun. It takes both of us to hang anything because someone (Adam) is not quite as anal about measuring as some of us (um, me). Also, we don’t exactly have the same exact style, so it has taken a GREAT DEAL of patience, cooperation, and compromise to get anything done. However, this little wall arrangement went up on Thursday and I love it!!



4. A couple of people have asked about Jenna’s BParty Invites, so here are some pics. Below the pics of the invites are a few snap shots of the actually party. It took a lot of searching to find some that were public appropriate!

July 006

July 007



5. I love that I might start working at The Mudhouse! Sure, I would love a professional job, but none of those are surfacing as possibilities for me right now. But doesn’t The Mudhouse look like fun??


6. As a small part of I Love Mondays, I will say that I love an open sky. I snapped this in Bluefield a few weekends ago and I love it.

July 015

7. Adam’s been working on his new-old car a lot recently. It has been fun to watch him take things apart and put them back together. Sometimes he even lets me help 🙂 He’s pretty darn cute, isn’t he?! Also, I love the roof rack.





8. On our 6mo anniversary, Adam also got his wedding band tattooed on his finger. Ouch.


9. We are headed to Zanoni next weekend for some family time. Extended family is in and it’s my Aunt’s 50th, so there will be much fun to be had! We’ll probably try to squeeze in some Busch Gardens too!

Just so you know, my picture gallery has 37 attempts of trying to load more pictures. The photo uploader for WordPress is TRIFFLING. I mean, like barefoot in the snow, walking up hill seven miles to a one room school house without heat kind of triffling.


2 thoughts on “Picture Update

  1. in case i don’t tell you enough… i love you very very much.
    and your husband/my brother.

    i love you both very very much.
    and i really can’t wait to come visit you,
    and for you to come visit me at my new house 🙂

    i love you!

  2. AHHH MUDHOUSE IS AWESOME. Best coffee/hot chocolate ever! Also, love the wall hangings. Also, OUCH for the finger tattoo.

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