what life feels like

This is what my life feels like right now. Lots of colors just swirling about. It seems that my life keeps circling around in every department. I am back at the unemployed stance, Adam and I seem to have the same BIG conversations over and over again, and our summer routine is getting old. We need some new. Possibly a puppy this weekend??


One thought on “what life feels like

  1. my life feels like that a lot of times too. especially right now…

    at least they are pretty colors swirling together 🙂

    and i thought about you yesterday, and it might sound creepy, but its because i was looking in the mirror and saw my blue eyes, and it reminded me of your blue eyes and i missed you.

    when i move in, you’re coming down and we’re having a sunday lay in bed all day and eat chocolate and laugh session. because i need it.

    i love you 🙂 thank you for being so wonderful!

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