swimming naked

I am quite the non-heavy reader. Typically, I go for a fairly simple story. I am a huge James Paterson fan and I pick flimsy love stories too. But the last two non-my kind of books that I have read have actually been pretty great.

First, I read Straight Manby Richard Russo after a referall from dad. It is about a fifty-something man who is highly sarcastic, cynical, and down-right honest. The book was filled with laugh-out-loud moments of truth. I also feel like I was reading words that were written by my father because the whole book created this hilarious character: a semi-in-good-shape fiftiesh guy who constantly tries to get a reaction out of his wife while juggling two daughters and all of their drama (sound familiar, dad?). Granted, the character is going through quite a mid-life crisis (unlike my real life dad), however, he still seems completely aloof to so many social cues (is this just a guy thing?). Although I would like to think that my dad would not climb into a ceiling with pee pants, one can never really know. Anyway, I highly suggest this book whether your dad is similar to the main character or not.


Next up is a bit heavier of a book, Swimming Naked  by Stacy Sims. This book will make you laugh, smile, and cry. The main character is playing a lifetime of vivid memories while her mother is dying in the hospital. While reading, you want to reach through the book and hug the girl. The daughter and mother have had quite the perilous relationship and both are amazingly stubborn. I realize that this is not the happiest of book reports, but it is a great book. Check it out. You’ll read the whole thing in two days. It’s that good. What will I read next?


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