soundtrack of my life

I have really been surprising myself recently. I, apparently, have dementia at the beginning of life instead of at the end. A few days ago I watched the movie Definitely Maybe and it seemed familiar. I knew I had watched it before, yet I had no clue what was coming next. Not until the VERY LAST SCENE. Then, of course, with only 3:47 left in the movie, I remember how it ends. Good heavens, kill me now.

The same thing goes for music. Sister Morgan and Adam sure do get a nice chuckle out of me finding “new” songs. Somehow they don’t seem as excited as I do when I find a song from 1992, 2004 or even six months ago. Whatever. Here’s the new soundtrack FOR ME:

Feel that Fire by Dierks Bentley

(One of my friends from high school recently reminded me of my professed love for Dierks in high school. I openly decided that he and I would have the most beautiful children ever. Am I wrong?!)

dierks and my kids

I am not sure how I have deviated so far from my soundtrack, but there is one last thing. When I made Adam’s and my kids on the Internet, they were some SERIOUSLY SCARY children. I sent the pics to my sister and she was EQUALLY scared. Thus, I will not post those pics. No human should have to see that…

So, here’s the soundtrack of my life right now (in addition to Dierks’ song):

I’m Alive – Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews

Never There- Cake (in my defense, I have loved this song for a long time- it is NOT a newbie for me)

Low- Cracker

Whatever It Is -Zac Brown Band

She’s So High- Tal Bachman

Heartless- Kanye

The end. For right now at least.


2 thoughts on “soundtrack of my life

  1. add “secret” by maroon 5 to your list. have you ever seen the wedding date? its the song that they have “fun” in the boat with! i’m obsessed…

    and whenever i get back to blogging, i am doing a soundtrack to my life post just like this… you know that music runs my life 🙂

  2. that is one of my top ten sexy songs. loooove it!

    please do a soundtrack to my life post! you are usually my guide to new music!!

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