in love

Meet the new household love of my life:

She is quite fabulous for these reasons:

1. Our house does not smell like dog AT ALL even though we have a puppy who occasionally likes to use our carpet as his outhouse.

2. We are pet hair free and the air that comes out of the vacuum goes through an allergen filter.

3. She is bagless. Thus, she just gets emptied, put back together, and then goes back to work.

4. She walks on her own. Well, that’s an exaggeration. Our old vacuum left you sweating and swearing after a half hour of vacuuming. NOT THIS pretty lady. She’s a smooth glider!

5. The lift-off canister is totally fab. Just push down the button and lift. Voila! The bagless vacuum can easily be carried in one hand while the hose is in the other. Great for vacuuming the car, corners, and under things.

6. This lady has huge wheels. She hops on and off of carpet with great ease.

7. She was on sale. Who doesn’t love a sale + a coupon?

When we got her, I had just vacuumed (as in earlier that afternoon) our apartment. Just out of curiosity, I plugged this lady in and ran her around the open areas! Gasp!! The canister (which is SUPER easy to take out and dump) was a quarter of the way full with dirt and grossness. Pretty amazing!! (And disgusting for those of us that are always barefoot at home!)

Anyway, if you are looking for a great vacuum. Here’s to you!


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