Today is Saturday. Is it bad that this is a revelation for me? IT IS SATURDAY, folks!! And Adam and I are at home by ourselves. What the what?! Need I mention that this is the first weekend in six weekends that we have been home completely by ourselves? Strange, no?

About an hour and a half ago, I set out to walk Harvey on our usual route. A few blocks down to Main Street and then loop around back home. I think it’s about a mile ’round trip. Anyway, to prove to you how out of touch I really am with our fair town, I had a surprise today. On our route was a huge festival. The Virginia Fall Festival Art show, to be exact. Considering that this is not Harvey’s first festival, I thought I knew what to expect. Lots of stares, hugs, pets, licks, etc. NOTHING COULD HAVE prepared me for this particular event. At one point I was crouched down holding Harvey so that the kids could pet his back and I look up and there is a CROWD of people. Not just the kid + parents, not just some artists, NO, a CROWD. As in a line had LITERALLY formed to pet Harvey. At the same moment that I noticed this line, I was also being kicked out of the “way” of this booth. The artist crouched down next to me and said, (hold on to your hats), “This booth is not to sell dogs or to sell paintings of dogs. Move on. Now. Please.” I was starting to stand up when she repeated the, “Move now!” portion of her request TWICE. I did feel bad about blocking her booth for about .25 seconds until I stood up and noticed that I was not in front of her booth. I was in between two booths. She had to come out of her tent and then turn the corner to come talk to me. Really? Really, really??

Anyway, everyone loves Harvey. Harvey loves everyone. He’s just that kind of dog. He stops cars, police men, and kids of all ages. He always dances on his back legs, perks his ears up, and does his little puppy smile. Harvey’s just that awesome.


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