Big Week!!

Today I started a new part time job. It was great to:

a) leave the house (without going to the grocery store, church, or library) 

b) be around new people 

c) finally meet our pastor’s daughter, stephanie 

d) earn a little moolah.

I go back to work on Thursday and Friday mornings! And Mon., Wed., Thurs., and Fri. next week. It is also very interesting to be trained by a young adult guy who is an active pastor. He was all about getting to know the clients. At one point, he left the booth (a very glorified booth in a parking lot) to pray over a woman who was upset over the murder of her sister 8 months ago (understandably). When he came back, he was openly weeping and wondered how he was going to go on serving coffee with such a heavy heart. It was very interesting to observe.

This week is also Adam’s LOOOONG awaited surgery. And it is stressin’ me out in a big kinda way. Thankfully, Mom is coming to help take care of Adam on Wed. (surgery day) and Thursday (the day he leaves the hospital). Then she leaves around lunch on Thursday and it is up to me to take care of him. eeks. I am a little nervous about that part. Usually I am the one in pain, NOT the one taking care of the pained person. Dr. Powers made it very clear that this will be a living hell for Adam for the first week and a half! Please pray for us!!

On another note, some happy family news. I have been able to reconnect to an aunt that I’ve always loved. I think we’re getting coffee some day next week 🙂

Also on a good note, Adam interviewed with RedDoor for the part time youth pastor position. It seems like the pastor is REALLY rooting for him to get it. Wouldn’t that be grand? Check it out:

Like I said, big week, eh?

Also. I am getting sick. I laid down for a 45 minute nap earlier and then slept through three alarms…I woke up four hours later with Harvey dancing on my stomach. I could easily take another four hour nap right now. The tissue box and I are becoming close friends. Ugh. If I get the stupid swine flu, I might just die.


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