I Love Mondays

This I Love Monday is simply to highlight some simply fabulous things.

1) I love Vera. Look at this Paprika?! Is it not grand? I do believe that this is the first orange thing that I have ever ever ever loved.



2) I love Harvey. Early this morning (like something ridiculous like 4:00 am), Harvey just HAD to go out. As in, dancing around on me and accepting no rawhide or treat bribery to go back to sleep or just lay still, SO he got to go out. I let him out without his leash on and he ran wild. I mean W I L D. He sniffed all the Halloween decorations, ran circles, licked the sleeping neighbor’s cat, went potty, and everything else a doggy can do. Anyway, he is almost at the end of our block when I stooped down and whistled. Little Harvey spun around and high tailed it back to me and jumped up on my leg. Such a good listener and great dog. Harvey brings so much joy to me 🙂

Mid October 09 007

3) This etsy store, chocolatecakejewelry, also crossed my path. Is this not the greatest jewelry?






4) I love these shower disc thingies that dissolve in the bottom of the shower and let you breathe. Love love love them right now.


5) I also love that it is getting cold outside. I could see my breath when I took Harvey for a walk this morning. Hopefully we will be seeing some snow before too long!!


because we loooove snow


and we love movies that you watch when it snows

Little Women


The Family Stone


It’s A Wonderful Life


and last, but not least, The Grinch that Stole Christmas



One thought on “I Love Mondays

  1. i love your love posts.

    and i promise you a new post tonight… i’ve already started it, just haven’t finished it yet. we have big things to catch up on… seriously!

    i love you and i hope that tomorrow goes well… ill call and check in on you guys tomorrow!

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