and a sigh of relief

Adam’s surgery went wonderfully. He was in and out and awake in under three hours. Pretty amazing for a tonsilectomy and palette reconstruction. Mom and I were had a pretty relaxing morning at the hospital waiting for him. Adam’s a trooper. He is taking this like a champ. He has not complained one single time. That’s pretty impressive for someone who is in mega pain. I stayed at the hospital until 3:30ish and then I came home to take a nap (I have a killer cold and we had to be at the hospital at 6:15 a.m.) and let out Harvey. Mom stayed with him through the dinner hour and then I went back this evening to spend some time with him.

As I was getting ready to leave, I gave him a gentle hug and everything just welled up. I was hugging my husband who could have died today. Although his surgery was not life threatening, it still required general anesthesia and a breathing tube. Scary, Scary. But he made it through, perfectly. So I guess, God, I am just going to say a big thanks and let out a sigh of relief. Thank you for taking care of my Adam.

On my drive home (around 11:15 p.m.), I was admiring the night sky. Driving up and down a few mountains provides tremendous views, even in the dark. The fog was gorgeous and the interstate overhead lights were sparkling. It made me think of Adam. See, for those of you who are not well-steeped in the history of Adam and Kathryn, here’s a slice of some quality drama. Adam and I dated throughout the majority of my freshman year of college. We broke up that summer. I was so very confused about why we broke up because I was SO sure that this was MY ONE. I would have bet my life on it. I knew that this was God’s man for me. I had even sat down my OWN mother and told her that is was MY ONE. So the breakup and the reasons behind it were such a mystery to me. This was not meant to be a Ross and Rachel break, no, it was a break up for good. I basically didn’t like the direction Adam’s attitude was taking and I was responding to his changes in a less than lovely manner.

ANYWAY, we both just needed that summer to reevaluate our selves and be single. I stayed in lovely Bluefield that summer and worked for the college (where he and I both attended). Suddenly, he was back in town as the fall rolled around and there we were… TINY college campus…same friends…same activities…not good. In true, immature college student fashion, we ended up working out our frustrations physically (only PG-13, people, calm down) instead of emotionally…that got us REAL far. not. ANYWAY, I promise that this does in fact have a point. One night, Adam convinced me that we needed to have one of our “talks.” I was up to my elbows in homework and insisted that I needed to get my art project done. The assignment was to go someone where one light was on and charcoal what you saw in the shadow of that light. Cool assignment, no?? Adam agreed to actually talk to me while I was doing my art project. He drove me up to the overlook (about the only semi-private, off campus location in Bluefield) and parked under a street lamp so that I could do my assignment. With my charcoal in hand, I sketched out Adam talking to me in the car (her name is Layla). Tonight reminded me so much of that night. It was the same time of year- the time of year where you are getting settled into a new gear with school- the time of year when things are fresh- the time of year where you are looking to settle in into a happy place- the perfect time of year to fall back in love. As I drove the rest of the way home tonight, all I could think about was Adam. My Adam that I just left sitting happily drugged up in the hospital bed. The Adam that I love. And I am thankful. So very thankful.

p.s. that is the best piece of art work that I think I have ever done. maybe i’ll post a pic. don’t judge. it was art 101.


One thought on “and a sigh of relief

  1. this post makes me cry… because i remember that time, and i remember that summer… and i remember not being able to do anything about it and i remember realizing that you were the girl that my “brother” was going to marry.

    i remember a memory just like this with someone else… i’m guessing you can probably figure out who i’m talking about.

    thank you for letting me recall my memory.

    and i’m glad you’re both okay 🙂 love you so much!

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