what the what?!

In the words of the wise Liz Lemon,


We had a great, possibly f a b u lous visit with Adam’s parents. It was pretty great of them to spend half a day on the road to come see us.  Adam’s parents came down (1.5 hours drive) to see Adam post-surgery. While here, Linda cooked several things for the fridge and they took us (even though Adam couldn’t eat) out to eat at Chickpeas.

There were some pretty great things:

1. Fresh Flowers

2. Yummy Food

3. Sweet Potatoes (what do I do with a huge bag of them??? I’ve never cooked one in MY LIFE!)

4. Good Conversation

5. Lots of loving for Harvey

What the what??? Let’s keep this up please!! How about we rinse and repeat in a month??


3 thoughts on “what the what?!

  1. i know what you do with the sweet potatoes… you invite jmitch over and ill cook them because ive never met a sweet potato that i don’t like.

    and i’m glad it went well! 🙂 can’t wait to catch up with you… its been LONG overdue! 🙂

  2. please please please come over and show me what to doooo! i’ll send you home with five million pounds of them too! it IS way long overdue 😦

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