Hmmm. Somehow I have already passed Halloween and Thanksgiving mentally and emotionally…and am arriving at Christmas.

Why am I not looking forward to this so much?

Oh well. Christmas is just where I am right now.

Christmas shopping is 80% done.

Got fabric to make our Christmas stockings.

Decided where to put the Christmas tree.

Starting to plan where to go and when.

Christmas carols are playing.

Ornaments are being collected.

What is wrong with me??


Today I was thinking about why I bypass Halloween and Thanksgiving and I couldn’t think of any good reasons. Instead, I compiled my “thankful” list. It’s quite a long one.

Here we go:

Adam’s surgery went PERFECTLY and he is feeling better already.


We could afford Adam’s surgery and we have health insurance (while 20% of America remains uninsured, Census Bureau).

Adam and I are both employed (while unemployment is still on the rise).

We have a freaking awesome apartment. (Who wouldn’t want to take a picture like this from a lay-z-boy on the porch?)

trees and mountain

And a freaking awesome little doggy.


And healthy families that we get to see regularly.

m and d

And I get to see my friends this weekend!! Yay!

What else could a girl ask for??? (especially as we head into the Christmas season!)


One thought on “Christmas

  1. I’m glad you’re ready for christmas because the thought of christmas music right now is making me cringe…

    I miss all three of you! Let’s plan a hangout sometime… I wanna see how much you’ve artfully transformed your apartment and of course spend time with you guys… Maybe throw a lazy sunday in there too!

    I am thankful for our friendship and how it continues to grow!

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