thank you, Mr. Father Nature

This week, I am working third shift (the really boring and slow time from 2-6:00) and it gets slow. I mean s   l   o   w. So slow that the espresso machine goes into energy-saving mode. So slow that I can water the plants without interruption. So slow that I can look at all the different state designs on the quarters in the register (the quarter reading only happens on the days that I forget my book.)

Yesterday, however, I did remember my book. After cleaning up the counter after the last customer, I made myself a pumpking spice latte (YUM!) and pulled out my book. Leaning against the counter, engrossed in my book, I kinda forgot I was at work.

I was so far into Angels & Demons land that I didn’t even hear a truck pull up at my window. I looked up (after like 18 pages or something ridiculous like that) and there was an elderly man with a salt and pepper beard. He really looked like father nature. He had turned off his engine and was reading a book. I opened the window, apologized for being so far in my world, and asked him what he would like to drink. He smiled, then THANKED me for making him slow down his life enough to read a few pages of his book, and then told me his order. THEN he gave me a $1.00 tip on a $1.75 drink. Isn’t that lovely?

Thank you, Mr. Father Nature, you made my day. Will you come back today please??


2 thoughts on “thank you, Mr. Father Nature

  1. This is a fabulous story! Something maybe Pop would do? Maybe a great example of something for me in the future.
    Thanks for sharing KK. Love it.

  2. this makes me smile 🙂
    have you read the christmas jars? if you haven’t you’re going to…
    it’ll change your whole mindset about everything! and it’s a quick read!

    but be ready for the tears to be streaming down your face!

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