Hair Cut Time??

So, I’ve pretty  much always had shorter hair. I miss it. It took 2 minutes to blow dry and rarely got knotty like it does now.  Short hair is also WAY easier to keep colored.

Here are some pics that I like. This girl, Kristie (went to high school with her) always has THE BEST hair. It seems that I am always taking in her picture to the stylist.


To go short or not to go short??



One thought on “Hair Cut Time??

  1. Do it! It’s just hair and it will grow back! Plus this will look WAY OOBER cute on you! 🙂

    Seriously, sometime soon we’re sitting down with our calendars and figuring out a time where we can have a lazy sunday, or a fun-filled saturday, or both… because I need some kathryn elizabeth in my life!
    …and i guess some Adam Collins as well! AND HARVEY!!

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