At the end of this Thanksgiving day, I am left feeling slightly empty.

Today, I did not hear one person say what they were thankful for nor was I asked for what I am thankful. Although there was lots of yummy food (long live corn pudding, pumpkin pie, and all things potato!), there were no expressions of gratitude. Sure there were the Ps and Qs, but nothing outstanding. I, too, am guilty.

So often, I forge through my day without being thankful. So on this, of all days, I need to be thankful. My life is filled with many, many blessings.

I have a fantastic family. Even with a few bumps and quarks, my family rocks. They are compassionate, lively, affectionate, loving, and optimistic people. They accept you blindly and love you strongly. I also married into a great family. Although it has taken quite a bit of adjustment, I am thankful for each of member of my married family. They are a moral, honest, and faithful crew.

I am also thankful for little Harvey. He has been such a blessing of joy!

Giving thanks for food seems kind of silly, but I am so very thankful that we have an abundance of it. Preparing for Thanksgiving, I saw many people counting cash and coin carefully, handing items back to cashiers to return to shelves, and buying less. Buying less is not always horrible by any means, but Adam and I can afford food. Good food. Fresh, mold-free, food. Granted, I LOVE to find a good deal….but who doesn’t?!

I am also thankful for living here in America. Adam and I were talking about religion the other day (quite a frequent subject) and I was telling him about the “Free Ticket” concept. I basically learned in my youth group church that people who were born in places that know nothing of God (have no access) get a Free Ticket to heaven. (insert laugh here.) Seriously, I really just blindly accepted this. HOWEVER, this is not Biblically based. ANYWAY, the whole point is that we are so blessed to not be those lost people who have no access to God, to technology, to healthcare, to education, etc. SO BLESSED to be Americans!

Tonight, one of my cousins asked me which state schools I would suggest for him to attend in order to get his teacher licensure in high school history. I suggested several and we talked about things to look for in an education department blah blah blah. On our way back to my parents house from my Aunt and Uncle’s house, Adam and I were quiet. (It’s been a long day, folks.) I was thinking in my head how many people in my family are in public service occupations. My Dad’s a doctor, my Mom’s a retired pharmacist/church worker, my sister’s getting her Master’s in Drama Therapy, Adam works on people’s bills, and I am a teacher (a teacher without a classroom…but still a teacher).  And I was instantly thankful. So many parents push their children to be things that they may not necessarily want them to be. My parents didn’t do that. They let their artsy-fartsy drama/music loving kids pursue whatever they wanted. For that I am quite thankful.

I am thankful for all of the little kidos in my life. Some kids (the freaking awesome and adorable ones I babysit) really REALLY do not make me want to meet the 5 year anti-kid goal that Adam and I have. But some kids (like crying babies) remind me that I am SO NOT ready to be a good and gracious mommy. Then there is my angel tree kid. I picked a sweet little toddler girl. This Christmas she’ll be getting everything on her list. She reminded me how expensive kids are and how we don’t have the necessary funds for procreation right now!

Then there are those fantastic friends of mine. Spanning from Tennessee to Charles City, there are a handful of ladies that just rock my socks off and for them, I will be eternally grateful. It’s been quite a year and a half of transition and they have never left me (or been mad when it takes me a while to return their calls)!

Hopefully I will feel only more gratitude though the rest of the holiday season!


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