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Thanksgiving was a super busy and festive time for us. We saw Adam’s Dad’s side of the family twice (pretty much a world record in one year) and we saw my parents a lot and my extendeds a little. This is our first married holiday season and it is STRESSING ME OUT. Our Christmas weekend looks like a Christmas tree, it is so lit up and decked out. We will be spending a small fortune in gas. Ugh.

ANYWAY, here are some fun pics from last weekend:

Dad making super yummy beer bread

Dad making his super yummy beer bread

Dad consulting the cook of the house for alternatives to molasses


Mother refusing to be photographed.

Mom and Harvey playing in the buttercup field.


Harvey guarding his Daddy while he is buttering toast.


Harvey just being Harvey

He really is one of the cutest dogs ever.

The morning after Thanksgiving, the water was super calm and all of these birds just swooped in and fed with the loons for about two hours. So pretty!

Blue Heron

I am still in love with my camera 🙂

Then we packed up and went home. The End.


One thought on “Picture Blog

  1. i am in love with your camera as well.

    seriously, we need to start the new year off with a lazy sunday or a fun weekend… let’s schedule a time soon? i need some KEG in my life!

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