I don’t like to share

So, I am selfish.

I do not like to share.

No, I do not like shellfish,

But I do not really care.

I want to go to all my family events.

Over this, my husband vents.    (he really doesn’t vent. I just needed a rhyme)

As this is our first married holiday,

We both want to do a lot and have much to say.

As it stands now,

We won’t be making it to my events anyhow.

Instead we will be going to his,

And I am not very happy about this.*

That’s just the way the schedule is going.

But as Christmas creeps closer,

My resentment is growing.

Am I a Grinch poser?


*I am really not UNHAPPY about his family events. His family are good people.  I would just rather go to my family’s events because they are my family and family is what my family does.

And that was my Seuss-styled couplet poem about missing my family events over the Christmas season because our schedule is complicated 😦 Ugh. I don’t like to share. Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “I don’t like to share

  1. Oooooh, Momma Grinch is over here
    without much holiday cheer.
    For Christmas Day will come and go
    and neither Kathryn and Adam will show.
    Buuuuuut we’ve got love and life
    and also we’re avoiding strife.
    There’s so much change in the lives of these two
    Lord show us grace and how to love too.

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