it’s amazing

Tonight God answered a non-prayed prayer.

I am not a very steady pray-er. I think about things a lot and just kind of let the thoughts roll over in my head like waves and the answer emerges a smoothed stone. I totally give the smoothing credit to God. That’s him, not me. But it still isn’t really in prayer form.

Tonight God chucked the stone at me and I caught it.

Money is tight. What’s new? I was bumming over boots. I know. So very, very silly. I just want these oober comfy, super slouchy boots from Old Navy and the funds aren’t there for them. Just me being selfish, what’s new?

ANYWAY, God delivered $36.19 cents into my pocket today. Of course, none of those dollars or cents will go towards boots but something more practical (like gas or the phone bill?!), but he delivered it. I checked my etsy email (covered with cobwebs from lack of orders) and a woman had ordered five items from my shop! FIVE ITEMS!!! How exciting is that?!

Thanks, God. You rock.


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