What to do on a Sunday afternoon?

What better is there to do on a Sunday afternoon with a semi-migraine than listen to soft Christmas tunes and work on my etsy shop??? 

Feel free to check it out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/brightsunnyday

Here’s some of my recent eye candy:

OK. Now that I am done boasting about my little beauties, I would like to share my top ten favorite Christmas songs. like. ever.

In no particular order:

Let’s Make a Little Christmas Tonight- Phil Vassar

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day- Casting Crowns

Let It Snow- A Fine Frenzy

Baby, It’s Cold Outside- Ray Charles and some lady that sounds horrible

Have Yourself a Merry Little  Christmas- HEM

Carol of the Bells- Celtic Woman

Let It Be Christmas- Alan Jackson

God Is With Us- Casting Crowns

Let There Be Peace on Earth- have yet to find an artist that I like the way that they sing it. It just happens to be stuck in my head. Is it even a Christmas song??

A Baby Changes Everything- Faith Hill

And of course, Harvey is the cutest.dog.ever.

AND, hold on to your hats, Adam’s and my schedule is BOOKED SOLID for the rest of the year (minus new years). WHAT THE WHAT? Since when do Adam and I have plans?? Like every day plans?!


One thought on “What to do on a Sunday afternoon?

  1. i seriously can’t wait to see you and your husband on saturday.

    and i hate christmas music, but maybe i’ll have to listen to a couple of those songs…


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