beautiful, beautiful snow

Today, Adam and I drove into a Narnian land of snow. The interstates were clear and the roads were pretty great (minus the Charlottesville area. That was solid packed snow + ice.). We came off of a glistening Afton Mountain to our exit. We rolled up to the stop sign and were stunned. Snow was up to the window on the car. Cars were ditched on the sides of the road and blanketed with snow. It was quite a sight! (Of course, I forgot my camera!)

We came into our neighborhood and we couldn’t turn….our road had yet to be visited by the plow and there was a wall of snow. A serious wall. So weird. I have never seen a WALL OF SNOW in the middle of the flipping road. So we went to Lowes to buy a shovel…sold out. Wal-Mart…sold out. Martin’s….sold out. So we killed some time grocery shopping and tried to find Harvey some grass (he has a serious grass/bathroom connection that will not be broken). We came back to our road about an hour and a half later and the plow had come and pushed the snow into higher walls. We had to shovel (we had to borrow a couple from our neighbors) a hole for the car. Adam then carefully backed the car into our icy hollow. Then the car got stuck and we finally got it back out (we realized we were in serious need of kitty liter/rock salt, confectioner’s sugar, and vegetable oil). This is really the only interesting part of this blog.

Imagine this: Adam in the rav and me standing in 3 1/2 feet of snow (holding our shivering dog). He’s backed the rav in and now it is stuck.

Adam: he’s sitting in the drivers sit spinning tires on the concrete and skidding.

Me: Freaking out picturing two possible outcomes:

      1.  the rav spinning into the snow and really getting stuck

      2. the rav blasting into the back of the car ten feet in front of it

Adam: Rolls down the window with a big grin and starts yelling “Yippppppeeeee!” like a little kid in a candy shop.

Me: Finally smiles and realizes that my husband is super, especially in snow.


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