thank you, Mr. Cohen

Last year I read more books than I have ever read in my life….well, maybe not. But I did read a lot. But this year I am going to read more. If you have any suggestions for this years reading list, bring it on!

So I made a goal. Please note that goal DOES NOT equal resolution. If Julia Powell can cook through Julia Child’s cookbook in a year, then I can at least chill on my sofa with my cute dog and read, right?

While reading my second book of the year (we are going to count Amy & Isabelle because I finished it in 2010.), I felt inspired.

I have found Amateur Barbarians to be a Richard Russo-like book in the way that the reader is placed in the mind of middle-aged men. ANYWAY, on the subject of goals, this is what the author, Robert Cohen has to say (through the mind of a middle-aged middle school principal). “First you identified your particular need areas, then you reconfigured your systems and procedures to achieve them. The goals had to adhere to certain requirements. They had to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented, and Time-bound. SMART goals.” Of course this segment appealed to the teacher in me and I decided to make reading a SMART goal.

So here we go, one book a week for 52 weeks. That’s 4 books a month. However, I do reserve the right to throw Goodnight Moon in there if need be. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “thank you, Mr. Cohen

  1. Oooooo lofty, but fantastic goal! One book that I think was a very easy read and one that I think you’d find interesting (as I did) is Middlesex. I found the cover a major turnoff, but the contents are truly fascinating!

  2. have you read the shack?

    or tuesdays with morrie?

    or the last lecture?

    or the 5 people you meet in heaven?

    or blue like jazz?

    give me some more down time at work and i’ll come up with a few more 🙂

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